Today for Future:Embracing Exponential Challenges


We serve as a catalyst for better understanding and embracing exponential changes and challenges in technologies and society.

We act as an independent platform for interdisciplinary research, non-formal education, and public outreach with a specific focus on the confluence of exponentiality, criticality, and creativity.

Our key streams of interest

  • Creativity and Innovation: Next Engagement of Creators

  • Criticality and Design: Emerging Roles of Designers

  • Future Technologies: Purposing the Progress

Our beneficiaries

  • Creators, Researchers & Technologists

  • Educators & Students

  • Biz Leaders & Up-Starters

    Marketers & Media & Public

    Policymakers & Investors

What we do

  • Conduct research of confluent practices and theories through the analysis and management of resources

  • Enhance the effective engagement and collaboration of practitioners across disciplines and sectors while creating productive partnerships and events

  • Support capacity development through educational initiatives

  • Open creative opportunities for emerging talents

  • Interact with public, educators, policymakers, and industry representatives

  • Advocate on the confluence of creativity, criticality, and exponentiality

  • Generate purposeful activation and fundraising campaigns

  • Publish and communicate research and related content omnichannel


We aim to embrace and mediate near-future developments in society from a properly crafted perspective based on the investigation of the converging interactions between creators, designers, and thinkers together with emerging variety of inventors and adopters of exponential technologies across culture, education, and economy.

Confluence-driven approach is our paradigm how to understand, navigate, accelerate, and influence conditions and expectations we have of the future.

Exploring current trajectories that future opens for us as possible, probable or preferable, we dedicate our efforts to generate collaborative opportunities in research, creation, and education, serving as a catalyst for impactful initiatives.

Creativity & Criticality & Exponentiality

These terms may have been perceived as unrelated in the past. Yet, their confluence and new meanings are at the roots of today and future.

Creativity as an unlocking power of imagination can be equally found in art, design, thinking, engineering, scientific exploration, but also in business.

Criticality is no longer just a philosophical or political term; it has turned into a general and needed capacity to investigate and merge diverse contexts and provide plausible hypothesis on the edges of the possible across all domains of knowledge and action.

Exponentiality, driven by accelerating speed of change, is transforming merely everything. Without reclaiming and reinforcing the very purpose of changes, we may find ourselves lost in singularity of a machine universe.

Confluence Matters

Looking around, it has become obvious that we live in times of ever faster discursive changes and challenges. We learn, feel, and label differently. As some disciplines, systems, and values vanish; hybrid and new ones emerge. Technological penetration is exponential, and so are the transformations in behavior, services, and products all around us. We believe it is crucial to facilitate new connections and link what could have formerly been isolated. This is the entry gate for confluence. We bring together creativity, criticality, and exponentiality in an open network of sparkling agency derived from originality, capacity, and competence.

Exponentiality is a fact that requires embracing competence.

Criticality is a need that requires contextual capacity.

Creativity is a trigger that requires startling originality.

Confluence of these is a challenge “sine qua non”.



Mapping Confluence
Research initiative conducted via international network of partners


Interviews series


  • Board-level presentations

  • Innovation frameworks

  • Conference keynotes

  • Workshops


We develop partnerships in order to collaboratively

Engage in deepening understanding of exponential changes and challenges in creativity, technologies, and society.

Contribute to the development of a dialogue and interactions between disciplines and sectors.

Generate creative opportunities for emerging talents.

Support research via sharing access to curated resources, trend analysis, insights and foresights, inspiring interviews, and events.

Advocate towards public and media on the confluence of creativity, criticality, and exponentiality.

Apply contextual critique and trend research in creation of innovative strategies for development of initiatives, services, and products.

Participate in projects of international cooperation in research, innovation, culture, and education.


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